Day 18 – Making a pact

Today we’ve decided to take action.  Having roped in a partner in crime, who’s also frustrated with lots of talking and not much movement we’ve made a pact – by 10.30-11 every morning, we’ll be off our computers and cruising the floor causing trouble.

We’re planning to try and focus on one area at a time, rather than scatter-gunning chaos amongst our colleagues, who are already looking slightly weary with the whole process.  Our first stop is features.  If we can get good quality features organised, we hope that’ll flow downhill into good working practices in the team.


Our group has chosen a 3-tier approach to understanding our work: Features, Epics and Stories.  Multiple tasks are required to complete a story, multiple stories make up an epic and multiple epics make up a feature.  Because we are still fed projects into our pipeline, multiple features will make up a project – but we hope to move away from this in the coming months, encouraging the business to come to us with smaller, more valuable packages of work that can be completed quickly.


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